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Does this situation sound familiar?

You don’t stop gaining weight. Even if you take care of your next meal, your weight increases and is directly reflected on the scale.

This generates anxiety and to get rid of it you eat a bag of chocolate that gets bigger and bigger every day.

Soon enough, you weigh enough to sink the Titanic!

You try to lose it with some exercise and diet (we have all done it) but you know it’s only temporary before the weight comes back.

The secret of the whole thing is that it is not necessary to burn fat, but to purge it.

And that’s where the organic Indian Nut comes into play.

The nut contains a strong laxative action which helps your body release toxin by mass & volume evacuation. Best of all, Detoxing won’t hurt your stomach.

So, while we’re on the subject of Todorganic’s Indian Walnut

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Our Clients Talk About Us:

Trust nature. Indian Nut is a seed with properties that help control your weight.

The side effects of Indian Nut are associated with a poor consumption of this seed.

It is a seed native to India that prevents fat absorption and purifies the body.

Because it is not a synthetic drug or drug, the side effects of Indian Walnut are only associated with an abuse of the recommended dose.

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” Are use this to detox and it works great I don’t lose any weight but I maintain which is fine for me I just need a colon cleanse every now and then “

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” Nuez de la India excelente, ayuda más que todo a bajar tallas estoy feliz con este producto así es ahorita lo volveré a comprar “


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“Does what it says ! However be prepared to go to the bathroom alot until your body gets used to it. But it works ! I take this every day now ! “


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