Yoga: an alternative for healthy life that everyone should do

Yoga: an alternative for healthy life that everyone should do

Yoga is a practice that was born in the East. This practice focuses on controlling the body and the mind. Native to India, it gathers the influence of different currents such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Many thinks that yoga is used only to meditate the mind, but, it is a way to maintain a healthy life and help the body to have a better physical condition. So, there are different types of yoga to adapt to the requirements of each person.

Body and mind in harmony
Body and mind in harmony

There is a wide range of possibilities to practice this ancestral modality. The problem lies, when certain myths begin to emerge around this training. The most common, is to consider is that this practice only helps to improve the flexibility of the body, when that is only part of its benefits.

And when asked if it is an exercise or a discipline, the answer becomes somewhat ambiguous. Although for that, the masters of this art assure that at the moment it is a varied practice that helps to integrate the mind, the body and the spirit, improving the physical state and promoting the health of the body.

Can you lose weight by practicing yoga?

Everyone knows the benefits to the physical and mental health of yoga. Although it is also a great ally to lose weight and control it. This, because each of the postures that make up this practice help develop mental concentration and focus the energy of some muscles. In this way, it also improves body stability and allows the person to become aware of the movements that he / she performs.

On the other hand, yoga helps toning the muscles, directing strength to those areas of the body where the greatest amount of fat is concentrated. This is combined with the ability to control breathing, which allows blood circulation to improve.

On the other hand, it improves the digestive process, preventing the accumulation of fat since it takes full advantage of the nutrients of the meals consumed. In this way, the metabolism is activated to promote better functioning and reduce levels of anxiety and stress.

Asanas to tone the body
Asanas to tone the body

There are some postures that are basic to work the muscles ins pacific areas. The postures are known as Asanas, being one of the most used to work the abdominal area the posture of the cobra and perform it is very simple.

The person should lie on the floor with the stomach towards the floor and the hands will go towards the height of the shoulders. Then, the head and chest are raised, gently bending the back and staying in that position for 20 seconds. After this time, you must return to the original position to repeat the movement another 10 times.

Another posture that will help maintain a flat stomach is known as the plank. This position is well known in the fitness world and consists of placing face down on a mat, the elbows must be aligned with the shoulders to form a 90 ° angle. On the other hand, the feet should be aligned with the hip. With the body parallel to the ground, that position should be maintained for 30 seconds. After this time, you must return to the original position to repeat the position another three times.

An asana to work the gluteus and abdomen at the same time is known as the Bridge Pose. The person to do it, should be placed on a mat and feet will rest on the floor. Then the arms will go to the side of the body so that they work as a point of support to raise the body arching the back, making a bridge. While inhaling and exhaling, you should feel that the abdomen contracts, after 20 seconds, you must return to the original position on the floor.

Some tips to practice this discipline

The best thing to start practicing yoga is to attend a class with an instructor. Although perfectly you can practice this discipline in the comfort of home. Practicing yoga in a gym can be intimidating for any beginner, but there are some aspects that, if followed, you can continue to attend and find fun in it.

First of all, this practice should not be done with a full stomach. And although many recommend eating one hour before exercising, to perform some asanas the body must be flexed and if the stomach is digesting any food it will be counterproductive. In the case that you can not avoid eating before starting a class, you should try to make it as light as possible.

On the other hand, it is important that the accessories recommended by the class monitor are always used in order to be able to perform the postures more easily and avoid injuries. Whether it’s a mat, a blanket or a strap, any accessory is important so that the body can more easily perform the postures.

Relax the body to perform the postures
Relax the body to perform the postures

When performing the postures, the tension must be completely released. The common thing is that many squeeze their fingers or feet when they can not easily perform an asana. But the important thing is to let the body be freed from stress so that each posture is carried out more easily.

Related to the previous point, the person must concentrate deeply on breathing. At the beginning it will be a shallow breathing and it will cost it to be deep and relaxed. But with the passage of time and as you learn to leave the mind blank, the breathing will go deeper. In addition, the process of inhaling and exhaling will help achieve this goal.

Finally, it is important to live the experience of being a beginner in yoga to feed the body and mind. The first day, you will not have any knowledge in this practice, but as time passes you can get the body known and the mind acquires the necessary knowledge to perform any position.

The important thing is to keep a positive mind and leave expectations at home. In this way, all the benefits of this wonderful discipline will be obtained, which are not only important for health, but also to learn to face the challenges of life

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