Workouts feeding: eat before or after to lose weight?

Workouts feeding

Feeding yourself for a workout it’s  a fundamental base for granting the best results. That’s why there’s alway been a doubt between eating before or after working out. The truth is that both of them are valid, eating before training will give you lots of energy and will improve your muscular performance. On the other hand eating after working out will help regenerate your muscles

Training and feeding always have to go hand by hand. One can not work without the other. The kind of Workouts feeding will depend on the type of training.  A high performance athlete will have a different diet than a person whos just trying to improve his body or health.

Workouts feeding
Workouts feeding

On the other hand,  you have to take note about what is your goal,  it’s not the same eating for muscular game that to lose weight. Workouts feeding must be balanced to guarantee the maximum effort in the process.

Workout feeding: what can you eat before?

The believe that you must not eat before training, its base on the idea of burning more calories. But this is a myth an experts recommend eating before training to receive enough energy.

It’s important to know what kind of food you must eat and when will you eat it. The right thing its to eat an hour before training. This way you body will have time to assimilate the energy.

Then, what kind of food will benefit your training? You don’t have to make a meal and then go to the gym. A vegetables and fruit juice can be a quick a healthy option to start training.

Batido verde para antes de entrenar
Batido verde para antes de entrenar


Using green fruits and vegetables is better, because they give you natural energy that help you last way more in your training. And you process them very quick, and that help with the fat burning. To make it you can use a prion of garlic , spinach, a banana, half of an apple, and kiwi, all together in the mixer with ice. You can also use pineapple and pear as well.

Another option for Workouts feeding are energy bars with nuts, there for they are a great source of protein and healthy fats. And they help controlling the appetite because they are a natural source of energy. On the other hand, because of the fiber in them, they help with the carbohydrate absorption, and in the end controls the glucose.

To make a bar,  you can use nuts like peanut, almonds, oatmeal  or regular nuts. You can also add raisins and or dehydrated strawberry. All mixed with some honey and into the oven for 15 minutes. After you can chop them and save them in the freezer. You can add a touch of cacao to make them tastier.

On the other hand you can use some greek yogurt mixed with nuts and fruit. For that you need a jar, a small glass. Put some yogurt, then nuts, and repeat. Fruit choices are according on every person.

Eating after training to recover energy

After a session at the gym, the body losses liquids and the muscle is worn out. Workouts feeding in the training is directed on the recovery of the lost energy and offering the body the nutrients that it needs

After training, you can make an egg tortilla, because they contain high levels of protein, which is ideal for recovering muscle fiber. And you can make the in different ways. So you can always have several options. You can combine with vegetables, and ad a portion of integral bead. You can also eat it by itself for the last meal of the night.

Feeding for training, when it’s over, you can keep it as simple as you wish. This means eating two bananas, right away after the last workout. Fruit is the star among athletes, because of the fiber and the tryptophan, an ammonic that controls anxiety and relaxes the nerves. At the same time, it’s a diuretic and rich in carbohydrate, which helps recover the glycogen that you lose training.

Another group of foods that you must consume, its carbohydrates, they give energy and help regulate body temperature. They improve the nutrients absorption and digestion. It divides in two groups, simple, which are quickly absorbed and digested, like fruit juice.

And the complex carbohydrates, are slowly absorbed and digested, like vegetables. This type are healthier and must be consumed regularly after training, is better to use the simple carbohydrates, the energy will assimilate quicker and the body can use it later

You can make the food for after working out before training to save time. A easy option is a salad, which contains a mix of lettuce, salmon or tuna, some unsated cheese, and other vegetables like tomato, or cucumber, you can add some vinaigrette made with yogurt.

What you eat when you are training it’s an important role for achieve better results. Eating healthy it’s a habit that you will gain with tie, experts advice to regulate feeding without deny any cravings. That is the cause of every diet failing.