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As an ambassador for Todorganic, you’re also an ambassador for your health. Join our community and share the Todorganic Lifestyle with your friends, family, and followers! Click below for more information and to sign up.

How does Todorganic’s Society program work?

Step #1: Register in the program

To register in the program you have to purchase the partner package, which has the 3 best Todorganic products and will help you understand how we work and how you can earn more money.

Step #2: Receive Confirmation Email

In this email you will find your access to the members area and the steps to start promoting Todorganic.com products.

Step #3: Start promoting links

You will find in the partner area your promotional links, with them anyone who enters Todorganic.com will be registered as your referral and whether they buy a product or join the partnership program, you will be counted as your referral.

Step #4: Earn your first commissions

If you have promoted your links enough, you will start to see the commissions flowing in, this will allow you to start receiving some commissions from yourself and your referrals.

Step #5: Collect your earnings

The 5th of the following month will arrive and you will be able to see the payment of your commissions, it is important that you have made the payment of your membership in order to receive the commissions.


Share your link of your favorite Todorganic products with your friends, family, and followers to educate them about building a healthy lifestyle.


Ambassadors earn 30% commission of the order sales amount


Set personal goals, measure your progress, and encourage others


If you invite another person to be an ambassador, you earn 5% of each sale he/she makes.


With our articles and content you will be able to educate your followers, family and/or friends.


As an ambassador, you get special access to EXCLUSIVE deals, early notice on new product launches.

Frequently asked questions

How many ways do I have to earn by being part of the society?

Option #1 Earning 30% commission for each product you sell.
Option #2 Earning a percentage every time your referral sells a product.
Option #3 Every time you bring in a new referral.

If I invite someone, can I earn from what they sell with their links?

Yes, in 2 levels down, i.e. for the people you bring, you will earn 10% and the sales of the people they bring 3%.

When are commissions paid?

Commissions are paid on the 5th of each month

Is there a limit to the amount of money I can earn?

No, none, neither of people you can invite to the business.

Do I have to sell products physically?

No, our systems are designed so that all sales are Online and are counted automatically.

If I don’t sell physically, how can I promote the products to earn money?

Social networks are a good way to promote our products, also our website has a sales system that can make progressive sales over time once you have sent the links to your close people.

If I don’t know how to use social networks, how can I promote Todorganic products?

We provide you with the tools to promote our products. We provide you with Emails, Tutorials, Social Media Images and courses so you can use the tools.