High intensity training: know its benefits to lose weight fast!

High intensity training: know its benefits!

When trying to lose weight, multiple forms can be used. From a controlled diet to intense exercises. Therefore, there are some modalities that help to make these objectives easier to achieve. High intensity training or HIT, for its acronym in English, are functional routines, where the cardiovascular capacity is improved, through jumps, races or bicycles.

This type of routines is designed for those people to whom conventional exercise no longer has the desired effect. To do this, we use elements such as weights or fitball; On the contrary, it can develop perfectly without any material, using body weight to work the strength exercises.

Why are high-intensity workouts so recommended?

As mentioned above, high-intensity workouts are able to improve cardiovascular capacity; With just 15 minutes, more calories are spent running on the treadmill for 30 minutes. It is precisely this benefit for which they become so acclaimed. Since the intensity of the exercises, allows the body to continue burning calories passed 24 hours post training.

High intensity exercises
High intensity exercises

As it does? The body is wise and simply reorganizes the metabolism so that the fat of the body is used in a better way as an energy source. Which is not achieved with conventional training.

In this way, the growth hormone is also increased up to 450% more during the first 24 hours after training. Just this hormone is responsible for increasing the burning of calories, as well as slowing down the aging process. Thus, High intensity training manage to keep the body healthy from the inside out.

What if you have never practiced sports?

The most difficult thing to start exercising is not training as such; but make the decision to start. For this reason, even if you are a novice, you should not be afraid to start training that requires a little more effort.

Some important steps prior to doing some HIT training, is to begin by preparing the body; In this way, a muscular and cardiovascular pre-workout is performed. Then, it can be started little by little. In this way you will notice more quickly the change you want to achieve.

Start a healthy life with HIT
Start a healthy life with HIT

To all this, a good diet must be added; which may include fruits, vegetables and some dietary supplements that help you lose weight or gain muscle mass. On the other hand, it is also important to have comfortable shoes that will cushion the falls of each jump; as well as wearing comfortable clothes. Women should wear a sports bra, which helps provide support. As for clothes, you can wear sports pants and shirts.

Modalities of high intensity training?

The HIT modalities are usually divided into two groups. One for HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training; and the second HIPT or High Intensity Power Training. Then, the latter, is separated into other branches, such as the CrossFit, Tabata, among others.


This training consists of performing very short and intense exercise intervals. Having also, small periods of rest or with some activity of low impact. It is a very powerful modality of high intensity exercises; becoming often the most striking option to perform some physical activity.

HIIT training helps lower cholesterol levels, while helping to increase the size and number of mitochondria, which are responsible for using fats as energy in the muscle.

On the other hand, it helps to reduce subcutaneous fat, especially the one that is lodged in the abdominal area. In this way, the organism is kept healthy and coronary diseases or heart failure are prevented.


Power workouts also work the body using a high intensity. Only on this occasion, strength exercises are used to work the different areas of the body. For this reason, it is separated into several modalities.


The first one is the Tabata, in which seven or eight exercises are carried out with a duration of 20 seconds. Also performing, maximum speed sprints; interspersing with 10-second breaks.

In the first place, a warm-up of 5 hands should be carried out in which the aerobic capacity is worked. Later, he began to work with the Tabata. You can plan a circuit of 8 exercises; which will be repeated from 2 to 4 series. Depending on the level of the person.

Tabata Exercises
Tabata Exercises


The second branch of these High intensity training is known as CrossFit; which brings together the intensity, functional movements and cardiovascular exercises. In this way, it becomes a very pleasant training program, since each routine is different from the previous one.

On the other hand, it can be executed by small and large; Many physical education teachers can adapt this modality so that the children can enter the world of sports.


A third type of power exercises is known as 7Min or 7 Minutes Workout. On this occasion, we seek to manage and expand physical energy, preventing fatigue, while maintaining high performance during training. Therefore, it becomes a practical, quick and easy method to perform; without the need to use any kind of special equipment, more than the body itself.

To achieve all this, it is combined High intensity training with endurance in a 7-minute workout. To do this, a circuit of just over 12 stations is made; each of which will contain a specific exercise that will be carried out for a period of 30 seconds. These exercises can be: jumps, push-ups, sit-ups, strides, among others.

7MinW functional exercises
7MinW functional exercises


Finally, P90X training, proposes to make an exercise plan for a period of 90 days, doing between 6 to 7 weekly sessions, with a duration of 60 to 90 minutes. As in the previous case, training exercises focused on a specific area of ​​the body are planned.

You can add some yoga or Pilates sessions. For this reason, they are recommended for people who already have a good physical level or who seek to improve their initial condition. Although also, as they can be done from home, they can be exercised by beginners and increase the level as it progresses.

High intensity exercises are very practical and easy to perform. It does not matter what type of condition you have, since they can be adapted to the needs of people.

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