GAP exercises: a complete routine for toning the body quickly

GAP exercises: a complete routine for toning

When any activity is done to work the body, special care must be taken in the routines that are performed. Since, if they become very repetitive, the muscle usually gets used to it and you will not have the expected results. For this reason, you should always look for new exercises and modalities to perform. The GAP exercises are one of these.

Whether in a class at a gym or in the comfort of home, GAP exercises work on three specific areas of the body; Buttocks, Abdominals and Legs; That’s where his name comes from. At home session, these three areas are worked in isolation for 25 or 30 minutes; in this way its effectiveness is increased. In addition, when using music to increase motivation, the routine becomes more entertaining.

Like the rest of exercise routines, you must have a structure, which involves a correct feeding, to optimize the results; a session of stretching and the right exercises to work each muscular zone.

Healthy body
Healthy body

As for food, it is important that it stays balanced at all times. Eating fruits, proteins and vegetables; without going through a restrictive diet. On the other hand, before starting with the GAP exercises, a small warm-up should be done to prepare the muscles. Then the routine as such, to finish with about 20 minutes of cardio and a return to calm.

Although this structure may vary, adapting to the objectives you want to achieve. In addition, muscle fatigue that can be suffered is also taken into account. In this case, the order of the exercises should be analyzed very well. Although there are some experts who suggest that the order of training blocks has no influence if volume and frequency are worked in a moderate and balanced manner.

Benefits of performing GAP

The GAP exercises are ideal for all levels. That is, both a beginner and an expert can perform them without any problem. Yes, adapting its intensity levels. In addition, you can also regulate the speed and the number of repetitions.

On the other hand, to start training, you only need a smooth surface and comfortable clothes. Although there are some modalities that require some extra materials to achieve increased resistance.

The GAP is also suitable to combat annoying cellulite. Which is a big problem for women; although also, men can have it. By working together, the glutes, abs and legs, adipose deposits are reduced. In addition, you usually have much faster the long-awaited “flat belly”

GAP training helps fight cellulite
GAP training helps fight cellulite

On the other hand, it helps to improve the posture, preventing the spine from straying. By performing many of the movements that are needed to perform the exercises, they help to stabilize the muscles of the spine, also creating a fastening band in the abdominal area, protecting the internal organs.

As for women, this also helps strengthen the pelvic floor; what later to avoid suffering from problems of loss of urine; especially if you have already had several children. On the other hand

Some GAP exercises

As mentioned at the beginning, the GAP exercises can be separated into several blocks. The first one must be warming up; which prepares the muscles for later wear. This should last between 10 and 15 minutes. Then you can decide whether to do 20 minutes of cardio before or after the routine as such.

For the abdomen

The abdominal area is one of the most difficult parts of the body to define. This is because it tends to accumulate a lot of body fat in this air. The important thing is to always maintain the will and perseverance.

For this reason, there are some exercises that make up the GAP routines. The simplest is to perform a crunch of abdominals, which consist of the basic abdominals; to perform them, you lie on the floor face up, knees are flexed and contracting the abdomen, begins to rise, raising the trunk area. It is important that the lumbar area remain on the floor and the neck does not flex.

Abdominals to work the obliques
Abdominals to work the obliques

For the obliques, the same position is worked, only that the right foot is placed on the opposite knee. With his hands on the nape of his neck, when he goes up, he brings his left elbow to his right knee. You must do 20 repetitions before changing legs.

The plates are also an excellent way to work the abdominal area. The important thing is to maintain the posture, placing the elbows on a mat, aligning with the shoulders. The feet in tip, to be maintained of this form by 20 seconds.

Finally, you can perform a leg lift to work the lower abdomen. Lying face up on a mat, the legs are raised until they are at a 90 ° angle; then they begin to rise and fall without touching the ground. Feeling how the area is worked.

For the legs

Squats are one of the simplest GAP exercises that exist. With the legs open, aligned with the hips. It begins to lower, trying as much as possible that the knees do not exceed the tips of the feet. On the other hand, the knees should be at a 90 ° angle before going up. You can make some variations such as going up and down in two or three times.

On the other hand, the forward strides are made by taking a step forward, bending the knee until it is at a 90 ° angle. It goes back to the beginning and the movement is repeated. 20 repetitions are performed before changing legs.

Front strides
Front strides

You can perform the same stride, but taking a step backwards; doing basically the same movement. You can even perform a combination of stride and squat. First, a squat and then a stride.

Most of the exercises performed in the GAP routines are usually combinations to increase intensity. Squats with legs raised or the same squats with jumps, are an example of this.

For the glutes

In the last round of this modality, three basic exercises can be done. The first one consists of putting the arms and legs open, aligning them with the width of the shoulders. One of the legs is raised with the knee flexed until it is at the level of the gluteus. In that position, you finish up the leg, as if you wanted to touch the ceiling. After 20 repetitions, the leg is changed.

Now, lying on one of the sides, knees are bent at an angle of 90 degrees; without exceeding the height of the chest. In this position, one of the knees is raised, leaving the other on the floor. It goes up and down about 20 to change legs.

Leg lift for the buttocks
Leg lift for the buttocks

The same exercise can be done, in the first position and the knee is raised to the side. This exercise is known as “Puppy Lift” and as in previous exercises, 20 repetitions are done before changing legs. In the same position, the leg extends and rises above the hip. 20 repetitions and change the leg to repeat the same movement.

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