Food supplements: different uses for achieve different goals

Food supplements

Food supplements are all those substances that are taken to improve the health and well-being of the body. They can include vitamins, minerals and herbs. The most normal thing is to get them in a capsule format, although it can also be found in other presentations, such as powders, beverages and food. But are they really useful?

When you start a healthy life, which includes a balanced diet and an exercise routine, you can suffer from exhaustion and fatigue. For this reason, a good option to obtain those nutrients that are missing, is to consume this type of supplements.

Of course, always keep in mind that dietary supplements are used to solve some nutritional deficiency. At no time are intended to cure diseases or any type of condition.

What are the benefits of taking food supplements?

The consumption of food supplements should be combined with a balanced diet in order to have a greater long-term benefit. In this way, the body will have the energy it takes to perform its daily activities.

The supplements help the body to have energy
The supplements help the body to have energy

Many of these products are not regulated, so they can be obtained in any establishment. Even so, you should consult with a doctor for better advice on what should be taken.

Now, in terms of the benefits of these, it is important to know that they help the metabolism to better absorb nutrients. It is precisely what prevents them from suffering from certain conditions; since when the food is ingested, the body decomposes it into different parts, to then carry out the absorption process. For this, a series of vitamins is needed. For this reason, if a B-complex capsule is consumed, the diet will be completed and the body will be able to perform its daily tasks. Avoiding in this way, suffering from skin problems, joint ailments or even anemia.

Another benefit of consuming is that it helps maintain and repair tissues. This is very important when you start to have a certain age. Daily activities can generate some tension in the tissues and cells of the body; which are constantly producing proteins to create a new tissue. To help this process does not weaken, you can consume calcium or Vitamin D. This will mitigate the effects of osteoporosis, which occurs when you start to enter old age.

Different supplements for different purposes

If what is desired is that food supplements are a plus at the time of forming the body, it should be known that there are different products for different purposes. You should look for those that are best suited to what you want to achieve; Either gain muscle mass or lose weight.

To gain muscle mass

In this group are those protein supplements; which give the body amino acids to build muscle tissue. Also, to help burn fat. For this reason, these types of supplements help to increase the cellular and hormonal response so that the body optimizes muscle growth. On the other hand, if whey protein is consumed, it will help build a better immune system.

Supplements help improve muscle mass
Supplements help improve muscle mass

On the other hand, there are supplements that are known as “Gainers” or weight gainers; which were designed for those individuals who seek to gain muscle mass, but they have a hard time gaining weight. Basically, these food supplements help the body to have the necessary calories for the muscle to grow during training.

There is a third type of supplement known as natural anabolic; which will help the body to maximize the natural production of hormones necessary to develop the muscle. But beware, it should not be confused with anabolic steroids. Since steroids are synthetic hormones that generate muscle growth that lead to a series of side effects very harmful to the body.

To lose weight

The most common in these categories are thermogenic supplements or fat burners. Basically, these products activate the metabolism to burn more body fat, even when doing sports. In addition, they tend to increase body temperature by stimulating beta-adrenergic receptors, which can excite the cell. In this way, the same cell will consume much more energy.

Another common product in this category is L-Carnitine, which is a very important substance that helps the body burn fat by transporting the fatty acids from the mitochondria chain. In addition, it also helps increase athletes’ physical endurance, using fat as a source of energy.

Losing weight thanks to the help of supplements
Losing weight thanks to the help of supplements

In contrast, green tea is also a thermogenic for the body. That is, it helps to burn more energy, activating the metabolism to promote weight loss. In addition, it helps to redistribute body fat, decreasing localized fat in the abdominal area. On the other hand, it is also a source of antioxidants, helping the immune system. Also avoiding premature aging.

Nuez de la india

The Nuez de la India, is a seed is native to Indonesia, which I received a lot of attention for the efficient help at the time of losing weight. In addition, it is also a great ally when it comes to controlling constipation and anxiety to eat.

Thanks to the fiber it has, the seed helps to isolate the fat so that they are then eliminated in a natural way. On the other hand, it also helps to firm the skin since it contains chemical agents that do not destroy muscle tissue cells, such as elastin and collagen; helping in this way to keep the muscles firm and intact.

Combined with a correct exercise routine, it helps to improve muscle toning. On the other hand, it keeps the skin of the face healthy and silky and shiny hair. Ideally, start by taking an eighth of the eighth part of the nut. Although it can also be consumed in different presentations, as in capsules or tablets.

The important thing is to know how to control the doses so as not to generate side effects and always visit a doctor for a complete evaluation and diagnosis. Food supplements are not intended to cure diseases, only work to help the body have more energy to achieve the goals of a healthy body.

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