Exercises with ropes to lose weight in a fun and healthy way

Exercises with ropes

Training always in the same way can be very boring. Also, using bars with weights or dumbbells can cause some injuries. So, many coaches look for fun ways to vary exercise sessions. In this case, the Exercises with ropes.

This modality, not only focuses on jumping rope, since there are some variations, such as TRX to Rope Training; These exercises are ideal for beginners and experts; just adjust the intensity and start training.

Exercises with ropes: jumping to burn fat

One of the most basic string exercises that exists is simply jumping. Oddly enough, this boring movement can be very beneficial for the body. As children, we often try, spending hours trying not to get caught between the ropes. Now big, we can use it as an excellent cardiovascular exercise.

Jumping rope is an exercise that is perfect for those people who have a busy lifestyle and no time to go to a gym. Therefore, it is very practical to have a rope at home and use it for 10 minutes when you arrive at the house.

some advices?

Although it seems easy, you must be very careful to make the jump correctly. You should always start stretching 5 minutes before starting any activity. When you start to jump, it is best to do it smoothly and go up the pace as you go.

You can combine this exercise with another low impact activity. What will help increase the benefits. Be it static exercises, like the abdominals or some squats. If you have the knowledge, you can involve something of weight, to work force.

This type of exercise helps improve coordination and movement. But if a string has not been played since childhood, it is best to practice standing and arm movements separately. That is, without a rope. When you have this movement dominated, you can use the rope.

3 routines to jump rope

Being a beginner, you should start with the most basic things to build confidence in jumping rope. At the beginning, consecutive jumps can be performed for 30 seconds, repeating the series 50 times.

Different ways to jump the rope
Different ways to jump the rope

At the beginning you can jump with both feet, keeping the ankles and knees relaxed so that they absorb the impact. As you jump, you must increase your speed to gain more confidence.

Once this is achieved, you can move on to the second routine, which consists of alternating the feet. For this it is important that the rope passes under each skin at the time of making the change. At this point, you should try to reach the minute. After a few days, you can now increase the time to 5 minutes. In this way until moving to the last routine.

Finally, when you have mastered the previous exercise, you can proceed to try to raise your heels in each jump. This implies that the heels should be carried towards the buttocks. As in the previous case, you start with a time of one minute and it goes up as you feel the confidence to do so.

The TRX is an extreme rope exercise

The TRX or suspension exercises, ropes that are tensed to help the body to train. This type of training uses body weight to increase strength and train muscles.

TRX exercises
TRX exercises

This method was created by the US soldiers, who needed to train in conflict zones, but did not have a space enabled for that purpose. Using the strings of their parachutes, they managed to develop a series of exercises that subsequently popularized among the civilian population.

What makes this modality so popular is that its exercises are fully functional. This implies that different parts of the body can be worked at the same time; also achieving tone and increase muscle strength.

Rope Training: use the ropes to train

Rope Training are exercises with heavy ropes that are also known as “battle ropes”. It became very popular with the CrossFit and basically very heavy and heavy ropes are used to perform muscle work.

With these routines the whole upper and lower part of the body is trained in a very dynamic way; what includes the abdomen, buttocks and back. In addition, it also involves a cardio workout, managing to burn lots of calories while toning up.


By performing these exercises with ropes, you will burn a lot of calories. Because some exercises involve large movements, better muscle traction is generated; at the same time, they activate the cardiovascular system. So, in a session of 30 minutes, you can get to consume between 300 and 500 calories.

On the other hand, this implies that it is a modality that does not require investing so much time. This is a point that usually attracts many people, due to the world in which we live. A 20-minute session with a high intensity has the same effect as a longer session in a gym. In addition, when performing the movements, you will immediately feel how aerobic capacity works.

Rope Training
Rope Training

A third point is that there is the possibility of reducing injuries. This, because it is an exercise of low joint impact. On the other hand, the force that is made is the product of the body itself; so, it helps to decrease this type of damage.

Rope training routines

Exercises with rope combat may seem easy, but you have to pay special attention to the execution to get the best results. If you have the ropes, you can perform the following movements:

The double wave movement, requires to be placed in the starting position; bringing the arms the height of the shoulders, they move simultaneously forming a wave with the two strings. On the other hand, the alternate wave, consists of the same starting point, but when one arm is up, the other must go down and in this way, they will alternate.

The next movement is known as lateral wave and consists of placing yourself in the starting position, taking the arms to the sides and then joining them; trying that the hands do not touch each other. In this way, parallel waves will be achieved.

These simple exercises with ropes will help anyone get the body they want. Of course, it is important that, taking the decision to start a training, take the necessary nutritional and nutritional measures. If you want to take some food supplement to lose weight, you should consult a specialist

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