Eating between meals helps controlling anxiety successfully

Eating between meals helps controlling anxiety

Eating between meals is recommended to fight anxiety generated at the beginning of workouts or a very hard diet. In some places, its known as snack and is usually taken before a main meal.

Nutritionist recommend having five meals a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then two snacks. but here it’s when you must be careful with what you eat. At first you must eat something light and low in fat, and must not be used as a main meal.

Eating between meals
Eating between meals

The good thing about eating between meals is that it keeps your metabolism active, and is perfect when you are trying to lose weight. On the other hand, it will contribute to control your glucose and cholesterol levels. Also, as mentioned before lowers the anxiety, and helps losing weight. And at last is lowers the appetite, which helps controlling the portions.

Some advice for eating between meals

Food is a very important part for a healthy life style. On the contrary as people commonly think, eating between meals is great. If you eat the right things.

You must keep in mind the digesting process right when you star chewing. There for you must chew very slowly, there’s no running when you are eating, the ideal it’s taking an hour eating slowly and enjoy the food. The same happens when you are eating between meals, of course you won’t take an hour eating a cereal bar, but is important to take a moment to heat correctly

Then, what must we eat as snacks?

First, it’s important to know what NOT to eat between meals. Sweets, like cookies, cakes or candy are forbidden, usually this contains many calories and fats. This does not mean that you must completely exclude them from your diet, you can use them ass treats once a month.

You can eat cereals or nuts. Each one of them have well set benefits. Almonds contain high levels of fivers and minerals, which helps controlling your appetite and dieting. On the other hand, it helps improving your memory and intelligence in children, this makes it a great snack for the mornings.


Fruits are a strong group of foods that can be eaten between meals. Peaches contain a lot of fiber. Vitamins and minerals, which help keep anxiety and stress under control. You can eat two or three to generate an effect of satiety in the body.

Other fruits that can be eaten between meals are strawberries, which help the body to receive the nutrients needed for the brain to function properly. In this way, you will respond favorably before any emotional activity. You can eat alone or prepare a drink with several red fruits.

On the other hand, apples have become another source of vitamins, in addition to helping to hydrate the body which facilitates the digestion of food that is consumed later so that, the body receives all the essential elements to produce enzymes.

And speaking of sweet things, something that can not be missing in the life of any person, is chocolate. And is that no matter how strict a diet, a chocolate bar will brighten the day to anyone, especially if they come to eat between meals. Of course, you should look for dark chocolate because it is usually made with 70% cocoa, so it is rich in antioxidants. With two small squares before each meal will help to satisfy the most intense anxiety.

Important aspects to reduce anxiety

Eating between meals is not the only thing that will help reduce anxiety, it is only a small part of the iceberg of this whole world. One of the things that a person who starts a diet should know is that they should always stay hydrated and this does not only involve drinking water.

Any type of fluid will help control anxiety. Hot infusions, such as valerian or moringa will help provide vitamins and fatty acids, in addition to purifying the body. On the other hand, vegetable soups contain few calories, but they control the appetite.

Avoid foods that cause exaltation, such as energy drinks, coffee or tea. Also, the products that contain refined sugars, since these types of foods increase the levels of adrenaline, which increases the feeling of anxiety.


The so-called Omega 3 provide vitamin B and is a great ally to combat anxiety. It can be found in blue fish or in nuts and whole grains. These last two can be eaten between meals as mentioned above. The vitamin B that contains the omega 3 also help to control the nerves that can be felt before a stressful event.

From this point, we jump to the amino acid known as tryptophan, which are contained in foods such as meats, dairy, bananas, pineapples and nuts. This amino acid intervenes in the complex metabolic cycle of the organism to produce serotonin. This is a neurotransmitter responsible for controlling appetite and which is also related to moods. Therefore, it is very important to keep serotonin levels controlled.

Finally, the planning of meals is essential. You have to take time to plan the menus of the week, go to the supermarket to buy all the ingredients and prepare them. Not only will this help save time, it will also help maintain control over what is consumed. As well as evidencing the progress that has been made, what will work as incentives to continue progressing.

Eating between meals to control anxiety is a simple job to do. Provided that what is consumed is taken care of so as not to have counterproductive effects. It’s all about forming healthy habits for each day to be closer to achieving the desired goals.

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