Yoga: una alternativa para la vida sana

El yoga es una pr√°ctica que naci√≥ en Oriente. Esta pr√°ctica de centra en controlar el cuerpo y la mente. Originaria de la India, recoge la influencia de distintas corrientes como el hinduismo, el budismo y el jainismo. Muchos piensas que el yoga se usa solo para meditar la mente, pero en realidad, es una […]

Workout for beginners: routines to start a healthy life in a short time

Workout for beginners Starting a healthy life, it‚Äôs a decision that implies following certain habits to accomplish your goals. When someone starts this path, they must understand that there are some Workout for beginners¬†and some for experts. So, they must choose the correct one to avoid lesions Workouts for beginners, usually are made for people […]

Intermittent fasting: some questions that everyone asked to lose weight

Intermittent fasting Intermittent fasting is a dietary alternative that has become very popular among some women; especially, after several media announced that some celebrities followed this method to stay in shape. On the other hand, there is some research found that, effectively, this method helps lose weight and improve health. But this method should not […]

Exercises with ropes to lose weight in a fun and healthy way

Exercises with ropes Training always in the same way can be very boring. Also, using bars with weights or dumbbells can cause some injuries. So, many coaches look for fun ways to vary exercise sessions. In this case, the Exercises with ropes. This modality, not only focuses on jumping rope, since there are some variations, […]

Ketogenic diet: Control what you eat to achieve weight loss

Ketogenic Diet Much has been heard about how dangerous it can be to follow a strict diet. So many specialists recommend controlling the diet and maintaining an exercise routine. But there are some diets, which can be classified as “adequate” if they know how to carry. This is the case of the ketogenic diet; a […]

5 minute recipes to always eat healthy and delicious every day

5 minute recipes Currently lives in a very demanding world. Sometimes, there is not much time left to do exercises or to prepare something to eat. Therefore, it is important to plan a menu with 5 minute recipes to take them everywhere. On the other hand, maintaining control over food guarantees that the motivation for […]

High intensity training: know its benefits to lose weight fast!

High intensity training: know its benefits! When trying to lose weight, multiple forms can be used. From a controlled diet to intense exercises. Therefore, there are some modalities that help to make these objectives easier to achieve. High intensity training or HIT, for its acronym in English, are functional routines, where the cardiovascular capacity is […]

Food supplements: different uses for achieve different goals

Food supplements Food supplements are all those substances that are taken to improve the health and well-being of the body. They can include vitamins, minerals and herbs. The most normal thing is to get them in a capsule format, although it can also be found in other presentations, such as powders, beverages and food. But […]

GAP exercises: a complete routine for toning the body quickly

GAP exercises: a complete routine for toning When any activity is done to work the body, special care must be taken in the routines that are performed. Since, if they become very repetitive, the muscle usually gets used to it and you will not have the expected results. For this reason, you should always look […]

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