Accelerate metabolism: a natural way to lose weight eating

Accelerate metabolism: a natural way to lose weight eating

The speed with which the body performs all its functions is vital when determining how to lose or gain weight. Therefore, accelerate metabolism is a very important task when it comes to following a diet and exercise regime. Assimilating meals faster helps you lose weight and burn more calories, even when you are not doing any physical activity.

In itself, metabolism is a chemical process that is performed by the cells of all living beings and that helps to perform all the functions of the body. Transforming nutrients from meals is part of one of your most important tasks.

The metabolism is not the same in all people. An activity may be carried out by two different people, but it has more effect in one than in another, only due to the fact that its assimilation is more accelerated. In addition, there are usually several factors that influence the accelerate metabolism.

From the age of 30, the assimilation of food tends to be slower, in addition to the fact that fewer calories are consumed. On the other hand, gender is also an important factor. Men spend more calories, therefore, tend to have a faster assimilation. On the other hand, the amount of muscle you have also plays an important role. A more toned body will burn calories faster.

Do weights to gain muscle mass
Do weights to gain muscle mass

Trying to accelerate metabolism helps you to have a better performance when you perform exercises, since you need more calories to help the muscle to stay. Therefore, developing a good muscle tone is one of the first steps that should be followed. The muscle continues to work, burning fat even when it is not moving. This energy is what helps the body maintain the heat and the correct temperature.

Therefore, it is important to perform strength training to increase muscle mass, at least two days a week and a day of rest between them, so that in this way, the muscles rest and injuries are avoided.

On the other hand, strength exercises can be combined with high intensity exercises, one of the most important is HIIT training. These exercises help burn calories in less time, there are even studies that confirm that after 24 hours of training, you still continue to burn fat.

It is important to differentiate it from a conventional cardio exercise. The latter does not have rest periods, nor does it work intensely in shorter periods of time. Thing that does happen in HIIT training. In addition, if a long-term cardio is performed, it will have the opposite effect, slow down the metabolism and burn fewer calories. This does not mean that it cannot be done, only that it has to be combined with the other types of training.

What to eat to activate the metabolism?

It is also important to take care of what you eat when you are trying to speed up your metabolism. Do not restrict food or eat large amounts of food, you have to know how to find the balance point.

On the one hand, you have to breakfast something nutritive every time, as this way the metabolism will start working immediately. Some options to have a perfect breakfast, is to eat an omelet with spinach and cheese, toast, better if it is whole, and an orange juice.

Green tea is an excellent option to help the metabolism to assimilate food faster. In some investigations, they claim that people who consume this type of drinks lost more weight as it facilitates the oxidation of fat. It is best to take 5 cups of tea a day. But everything will depend on the taste of each person.

 Balanced meals

Balanced meals

Likewise, Omega 3, which is contained in fish such as salmon, tuna or nuts, helps to maintain a faster assimilation and also regulates the levels of sugars in the blood. Although also, Omega 3 is essential to reduce leptin, a hormone responsible for facilitating weight loss.

Trans fats are a terrible option to help accelerate metabolism, reduce the body’s natural ability to burn fat, altering the cells to prevent them from burning. On the other hand, they help create insulin resistance. They are usually found in foods such as cookies, frozen foods such as ice cream, pizzas or foods that must be fried for consumption.

It is advisable to consume protein and not only that which comes from animals. In this way, the body takes more time processing and decomposing nutrients from this type of food than from others. In total, the body can consume 20 or 30% of the calories that the proteins contain.

Consume protein
Consume protein

Unlike carbohydrates, proteins help regenerate the muscle, which is also crucial to accelerate metabolism. Therefore, in a good diet, there should always be enough portions of meat, fish, cheese, among others. If you are vegetarian, there are alternatives, such as cereals, nuts or legumes.

Finally, you should avoid making a low-calorie diet. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why it always fails at the time of making some kind of strict diet. As the days go by and more food is restricted, the anxiety will increase and the metabolism will slow down. In addition, you can also suffer sudden mood swings with a tendency to irritability.

You have to control what you eat, have a balanced diet so that the body works faster. At the time of eating you can control the portions on the plate. An easy way to do that is by taking the palm of your hand as a reference. This will avoid overloading the body with unbalanced or too large portions

Finally, at lunch time it is important that you take an hour to eat the food. Chewing them with pause and appreciating the flavors will help you feel sated much faster.

The important thing to accelerate the metabolism is the combination of exercise and diet. Establish a high intensity routine with strength exercises to develop the muscle and plan a balanced diet that is not restrictive. They are small steps that guarantee great results.

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